Automized landing pages for more revenue and leads

convertizer generates landing pages automatic. Visitor adjusted.
Based on your AdWords campaigns.

1. User clicks your google ad which was linked with convertizer
2. convertizer creates dynamically a landing page showing what your user was looking for
3. You gain best conversion results
What does Convertizer

Small, mid-class or big cooperation. Everyone generates more revenue through AdWords with convertizer and boots its lead generation.

Best matching Landingpages

Best matching landing pages

convertizer generates instantly the best matching landing page for your AdWords traffic, which will bring you the best conversion rate possible.

Best Search Results

Best matching product results

convertizer ends with common AdWords issue. Customers clicked on your ad, but your landing page does not meet what they search for.

Power Up Now

Save time & power up!

Optimizes setup and reduces maintenance for your online marketing activities by generating even more performance.

Fast Connect

Fast setup & auto connect

It offers your an WYSIWYG editor to turn in 6 easy steps the convertizer landing page engine on and connect it with your site.

How it works
convertizer on
Adwords Setup

Adwords Setup

Advertiser sets up AdWords campaign.

Optimize it


convertizer creates for each keyword within every adgroup automatically optimized landing pages.

User Interaction

User interaction

Target audience clicks on AdWords campaign

Best Result

Best result

User gets this one perfect matching landingpage for his research on every device

Why it works
Why it works
  • Fully automated landing page creation
  • Best matching to target audience by dynamic content optimzation
  • Self-learning algorithm for conversion boosting
  • Risk-free performance pricing
  • Convenient setup-wizard
Calculate your savings with convertizer
AdWords avg. CPC
AdWords clicks
Avg. basket size
CR without Convertizer
CR with Convertizer
KUR without Convertizer
KUR with Convertizer
Account Setup

convertizer account setup

Select Campaigns

Selecting unlimited campaigns to be optimized by convertizer

Target Audience

Target audience clicks and converts via convertizer landing page


Cost per order fee for each sale that‘s made through convertizer

About us
We are conversion

We are conversion

Converting visitors to become your customers is our mission.

We only believe in numbers

We only believe in numbers

Anything that lifts ROI and conversion rate up is good. Anayltics is our bible.

We are service

We are service

We offer you a load of FAQ, examples, webinars and how-to videos.

We are mission focused

We are mission focused

Creating value for you and your customers every day. That‘s it!

We are in rotation

We are in rotation

Constantly adapting our service to the audience is key.

We love our product

We love our product

and we do our best to make you love it to!

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