55% revenue uplift for home and garden brand in PLA campaigns

About the client

KARE is a multi-channel furniture producer and retailer based in Munich operating franchise stores in over 40 countries all around the world. With a total of > 400 mil. EUR in sales in 2014 KARE has expanded its business online to drive turnover further.

Its online business entity is growing at a very high pace with an CAGR/year of over > 30 %.


Facing massive competition caused by large online pure players the increase of online sales volumes was
at risk for KARE’s online business entity. SEA is the major online marketing channel responsible for a
third of overall online sales from KARE.

Current KARE Adwords campaigns were forwarded to unspecified category pages or the home page
resulting in high drop-off rates and a low conversion rate. Technical limitations of the shop system
prevented the creation of specific shop categories according to the user context.

Due to budgetary limitations existing SEA budgets couldn’t be extended to realize further sales which are required to continue expected growth for 2015.

Also the extensive Adwords campaign structure with more than 12.000 Adgroups took a large amount of time and efforts of internal resources of KARE to manage related target page linkage.

KARE hired the conversion experts from convertizer to activate their dynamic landing pages on their major SEA campaigns in order to drive conversions and sales further.


By activating convertizer on KARE’s Google shopping campaign each interested user was forwarded to an individual landingpage showing exactly the products he was searching for. The products of the landingpages are matched against the assortment of KARE which guarantees a high relevance for users and high accuracy in content for KARE.

Taking the context of each user into consideration at the landingpage reduced drop-off rates clearly.
The integration was done by simply providing the product data feed to convertizer and
implementing the conversion tracking code on the “thank you” page of KARE.
Within a few minutes convertizer was ready to go without any additional manual efforts.


Internal efforts for Adwords management reduced significantly by 2/3. This resulted in a higher quality of ad linkage and more remaining resources for other marketing tasks

Drop-off rate was nearly halved. This helped to increase the efficiency of Adwords as marketing channel and reduce the customer acquisition costs.

Revenue and conversion rate pushed by 55%With the same AdWords budget the revenue of related Google Adwords Shopping campaigns was significantly increased

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