one landingpage for any ad

97 of the 100 largest onlineshops route expensive paid traffic to their homepage instead of to a landingpage that shows people what they searched for!

Not showing users what they search for will make them bounce and reduce profitability. NOW with convertizer this budget waste will end and bring you higher conversion rates. Without any efforts:

  1. users see always what your ads promised
  2. there is no effort at your end
  3. setup is easy and without obligations
  4. pricing model convenielty scales with your business needs
  5. works with all shops and is ready within minutes
  6. the right content means higher conversion rate means higher revenue with the same budget
live demo example
1. More revenue with the same budget
  • your convertizer landingpage will convince more people to buy than ever before – because now they see what your ads promised – with no distrcting shop navigation – just the products users want. In the look and feel of your shop with the most convenient information to convince them to buy.
2. Risk free seamless to integrate
  • Shift your focus on optimizing your ads being sure that there is no need to think about where to route visitors. There is no invest needed at your end. Convertizer takes care of the styling, integration and the optimization.
3. Reduce your IT costs
  • Stop thinking about briefings and development costs. If you have a keyword or campaign in mind, set it up and route it to your convertizer landingpage – it will show the perfect matching products out-of-the-box with no effort at your end.

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